How To Claim Your Holiday Respite Package

Am I eligible for A Holiday Respite Package?

If your carer needs a break and you have Short Term Accommodation (STA) in your NDIS Package.  The answer is Yes!

(Most people get 1 STA per year to give their carer a break) 

You can choose what package you would like and an itinerary of your choices will be tailormade for you. 

Dates and times will be arranged, booked and facilitated by experienced carers.

N.B. some packages are only seasonal so keep this in mind when booking.

 STEP 1: Are you eligible for STA?

STEP 2: Decide which activity/holiday you would like to do (which package). Then, get clearance from your Co-Ordinator / Family.

 STEP 3: Contact Success Solutions Australia to discuss your package.  Phone 0457 426 064

 STEP 4: Success Solutions Australia will do all the work for you and will coordinate everything required for your chosen package.

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